All students will be given an IPAD or a computer to assist them in their learning. These are given free of charge unless the equipment is damaged or lost. Here is the Technology Agreement that all students and parents must sign and agree to. If your child is in need of a Hot Spot that agreement will have to be signed as well.

Laptop Agreement

Student 1 1 Agreement 1

Hot Spot Agreement Form

Student HotSpot 1 1 Agreement

Device Pricing 2022 2023 

STUDENT LAPTOPS Dell Latitude 5400 3yr depreciation- $205.00 Dell Latitude 5410 2yr depreciation- $405.00 Dell Latitude 5420 2yr depreciation- $489.00 Dell Latitude 5430 No depreciation- $1125.00 
STUDENT IPADS Apple iPad 7th Gen/ 8th Gen- $397.00(-20% per year of use for depreciation)  
HOTSPOTS Kajeet Mobile Hotspot- $93.00(All Models)  
CHARGERS Dell 65 watt charger- $40.00 Apple iPad charger- $38.00($19.00 for cord/$19.00 for power brick) Lenovo 65 watt charger- $40.00 Kajeet Smartspot charger- $25.00 
CASES Dell Bump Armor Case- $34.00 Apple iPad case- $25.00 Apple iPad case w/ Keyboard- $89.95